Would you recognize your OWN INNER WISDOM if it spoke?

SACRED SOUND is the Source.

Hello and welcome to my Online Sound Wisdom School, where I share my tools of transformation, "enlightening" and self-healing.

My name is Shannon Rose Scott, Founder of Sound Wisdom, and your new personal online Sound Alchemist, Yoga Teacher Trainer, and Spiritual Rebel! I’m here to support you on your own yogic journey through sacred sound in order to help you tune in to the "VIBRATION OF YOU!" - to your own soul’s calling - your own soul's PURPOSE - your own TRUE WISDOM!

This is the type of holistic self-healing and wellness you have been yearning for!

Are you ready to tune in to your life? 

Come join me now in Certification Courses,
CE Trainings (Yoga Alliance Certified),
Mini-Courses AND Freebies.

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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in


Yes! The School of Sound Wisdom is a Yoga Alliance Certified Advanced Yoga Teacher Training School - RYS 300.

Take my full 300 hr Alchemy of Sound Advanced Yoga Teacher and become a 500 hr Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance!

Yes, many of my online SOUND WISDOM courses qualify for CE credits with Yoga Alliance!

Hi, I’m Shannon Rose Scott, your playful guide, Sound Alchemist, and Nᾱda Yoga Teacher Trainer, and I'm ready to initiate you into the mystical practices of SOUND!

I like to 'geek out' on Sanskrit Mantra, Sacred Sound tools, the history of yoga, Tantrik philosophy, and ANYTHING to do with personal TRANSFORMATION and LIFE PURPOSE!

I'm a woo-woo spiritual nerd, but I'm GROUNDED here in this physical time-space! ;) I have a real knack for taking deep teachings and helping others understand them in simple, RELEVANT, life-applicable ways.

I don't believe in 'enlightenment' - but I DO BELIEVE in 'enlightening!' - I do believe in 'awakening!' I'm not here to judge you for how 'enlightened or spiritual' YOU are - because I KNOW that it's a life-long JOURNEY!

I'm NOT here to be your GURU - but I AM HERE to teach you the TOOLS to be a guru to YOURSELF.

I am here to help you EXPAND into who you really WANT TO BE - by offering you the TOOLS and PRACTICES that will help you ACHIEVE it on your own.

If you want something you've never had, you'll have to do something you've never done...and I know the tools to help you!

I've studied and taught the deep yogic practices for over 20 years, and I've travelled the world to seek out the best teachers in the field.

Now YOU can benefit from the VASTLY DIVERSE and DEEP TEACHINGS that I've acquired from my life experience...yoga, mantra, meditation, expressive arts, sacred sound bath, and DECADES of music making! Here's a selection of a few of my favourite instruments...

And here's one from the 'vault'!

Here's little 5 year old me (the shortest one) singing and serving up sacred songs with my family... I feel so blessed to have been born into a musical family where making music was always encouraged and supported - (even my ANCESTORS served up sound - I have a relative from the 1700's in Ireland who was a 'Professor of Sacred Music'!) ;)