READY FOR A SOUND SLEEP (and to generate more wisdom while you do it?) 

Some of the greatest inventions, scientific discoveries, and creative inspirations have occurred during SLEEP. In fact, there is DIRECT CO-RELATION between SLEEP and WISDOM!

If you want to think at your best, you need quality sleep. 

If you want to have quality sleep – you need to feel at peace. 

If you want to feel at peace – you need to learn HOW TO RELEASE and EASE STRESS!  

We all know the importance of reducing stress, but most of us don’t have tools that actually work. 

We turn to things that are actually ACTIVATING (or even addictive) like our cell phones, eating, smoking, drinking, internet scrolling, games. 

But my SOUND WISDOM tools can give you relief from this constant seeking outside of yourself – and help you TUNE IN to not only RELAX, but also sleep your way to greater knowledge and intuition!


You see, there are certain sound ‘prescriptions’ or sequences, that can actually create these effects and do the work for you. All you have to do, is take the time to LISTEN. 

In this SOUND WISDOM “Sleep & Study” sampler kit – you’ll receive 2 audios that you can SIMPLY LISTEN TO – that have been designed to help you sleep, process information, and relax into your own intuitive guidance system.  


-         A beautiful 14 minute audio using the Crystal Singing Bowls, that has been created with a specific set of sound “prescriptions” or sequences – that are designed to:

o  Induce quality sleep

o  Connect with intuitive dreams

o  Induce creative problem solving

o  Reduce inflammation and improve blood pressure regulation

o  Ease head/eye tension, headaches, migraines


-         This three and a half minute WISDOM GENERATOR is the perfect tool to use for learning, for processing, for retaining information and improving memory, for creative problem solving, and for easing headaches, migraines, and inducing relaxation. 

-         Suggested Use:

o  Immediately before class, assignment work, or a study session, to get your brain into its highest learning state. 

o  Immediately after class, assignment work, or a study session, to help you process and retain what you’ve learned.  

o  Right before a test/exam

o  Anytime you want a break without turning to your phone, tv, internet, smoking, drinking, eating, or other activating (possibly addictive) type behaviour. 

o  At the first sign of head/neck/eye tension, or a headache or migraine

Example Curriculum

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Sound Sleep and Wisdom Generator SAMPLER

Sleep your way to greater knowledge and intuition!